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Develop your running with personalised training, coaching and support.

Trail and fell running is an amazingly exhilarating activity

Personalised coaching plans
Everyone is different, yet we are the same in many ways. Whether your goal is distance, fitness, speed, recovery or otherwise, we can help you succeed. My philosophy is simple, supportive and driven by decades of experience and quality discussions with you.
Producing a personalised set of targets, we work together, developing short, medium and longer term targets, that will help you stay motivated and on track.

Group coaching
You and some friends have a charity event or specific goal in mind. Let's work as a group, motivate each other and enjoy the banter and hard work.

Starting out
Not 100% confident running is for you, need someone that can be supportive and understanding.  Get in touch.

New to running in the countryside, trails, fells and mountains
We can give you the confidence of running away from the roads and street lights. Staying safe on the fells and trails, navigating, planning routes and understanding the additional risks of trail and fell running.

Yorkshire Dales based running coach Craig Perkins
Yorkshire Dales running coachns

My philosophy is simple, supportive and driven by decades of experience. Hard work, Knowledge and support will help you on your journey.
I'll help you learn how to listen to your own body and mind, adapt your approach to challenges and ultimately succeed.
I'm a fully licensed England Athletics coach, Summer & Winter Mountain Leader and a seasoned Long distance and Ultra runner.

Lets talk about:
Staying injury free.
Strength and conditioning.
Comfort & Stretch zones.
Techniques and skills development.
Equipment & clothing.
Route planning.
Weather forecasts.
Enjoying running.

Running Coaching

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