Locked down, Camping out. Lockdown Garden campouts. In the absence of being able to Wild Camp on the Mountains and fells, we opted for a family Perkins Camp out in the sunshine. Stove education and sugary foods consumption mandatory! Liquid, Solid and Gas Stoves used by the boys. Pros and Cons discussed. The Favourite for

Trail running in and around Ingleton Lockdown Trail running from base. Genuinely privileged to live in the Yorkshire Dales. Trail running and the tranquillity of a locked down nation. All our routes will become live in the routes section in the coming weeks. For you all to enjoy.

Walking from Kirksteads HQ to the flanks of Ingleborough Lockdown Walking from home. Genuinely privileged to live in the Yorkshire Dales. Walking out from Ingleton to the base of Ingleborough. Some of the wonderful sights on lesser trodden routes.     All our routes will become live in the routes section in the coming weeks.

Adventure Activities License Authority Approval From March 2020, SAAIGOutdoors gained its AALA license to provide adventure activities as part of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. As a small family run outdoors adventures activities Company, we love to be in the outdoors, outside, bringing Inspiration and adventures to our all. Does this change SAAIGOutdoors, not in

Wet half term. Visitors, kids and storms in the Dales and most of the UK.  What shall we do!!! Indoor climbing with SAAIGOutdoors. Jason, visiting sister Beccy for a few days over half term, with Zack and Suki. Loaded with enthusiasm, energy and ideas, we kitted up and headed for some rope climbing inside. With

Arduous, Cold, Bitter, Blue Sky, White out, Darkness, Endless & Tough. Some of the words, that describe the 5 days in February completing the Mountain Leader (Winter) Assessment. Five days of intense, energy sapping, mentally exhausting, physically demanding activity in the Scottish Winter Mountains. Harsh winds, 80mph+, glorious sunshine, feels like -20, plus 8 degrees,

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Eve, more liquid snow (rain to the rest of us) is falling than sense, if only it was a few degrees cooler, it would be snow. Adam & Chiari had got in touch for a last minute bit of adventurous Christmas holiday fun. Having travelled up from Putney, London for a

The management team from Country Village Inns got in touch for a teambuilding and challenge day. A bit of discussion, some smoke & mirrors, no caving, some blindfolds, ropes and metalwork. It was going to be a good day, especially as we started with coffee and amazing bacon rolls at the Wheatsheaf Starting the adventure with

Septembers trip to the Peak District,  Touching Rock Weekend in the Western Peaks. Gritstone climbing at Castle Naze, some evening entertainment and then over to the Roaches for Staffordshires finest Edge. Castle Naze is a great little venue, the group tackled not only the exposure, but the course grit exceptionally well. Outdoor Rock climbing is

Navigation for Novices, a half day. Emma and Laura joined us for a half day Navigation practice. A chilly start to the day and ended up getting wet, but the journey and learnings were great. Orienting or setting the Map. Relating the map to the area around. Compass familiarity, map scales, relocating. Pacing, catching features,