The Silver National Navigation Award is a two day, practical hands-on award. It is aimed at people with some previous navigation experience and those that have completed their Bronze Navigator Award. The ability to navigate when out on a walk is an essential safety skill. Whether on a mountain, bridleway, footpath or Moor, the ability to know where you have been, where you are and where you are going is fundamental.
This course is also good if you have learnt to navigate before, but aren’t too sure anymore.

Join SAAIGOutdoors on this full day course.  We will take you through the basics again, allowing you to navigate away from marked paths, footpaths, tracks and out into the more remote, Dales and Mountains alike.

EVENT DATESTBA – You decide, contact us
LOCATIONYorkshire Dales or elsewhere on request
DURATIONMinimum 2 days (plus assessment)
END TIMEApproximately 4:30 PM
EVENT CONTENTUtilise the skills and techniques of the Bronze Award
Basic Navigation Skills, – Map scales, rights of way, compass fundamentals, distance and direction gauging. Timing and pacing. Map orientation, bearings, Handrails and more.
Plus, moving away from the tracks and paths. Looking at subjects such as :
  •  Relating the landscape to the map and visa versa.
  • Using Land features as reference points
  • Follow accurate bearings over distance
  • Back bearings
  • Darkness and poor visibility Navigation
  • Navigational strategies
  • Decision making and consequence, plus lots more

The course covers the NNAS Syllabus and aims to equip you with the learning outcomes to enable you to plan and safely follow walks in the countryside, on paths, tracks and more remote areas away from these.

KIT LIST TYPEWalking Kit List –Download PDF
Personal items
Food/Packed Lunch
Kit List (From above detail)
WHAT WE PROVIDESuitable Compass and Maps
Personal Climbing Equipment
Lunch and Evening Meals
PRE REQUISITESA General level of fitness
Ability to walk for 6-7 hrs carrying a small rucksack




09:00-09:30 Day 1

Meeting in Inglesport Cafe in the centre of Ingleton (unless otherwise informed), stock up on supplies, brews and equipment.  During this theory session your instructor will introduce theconcept of a navigation strategy that you will be using for the rest of the course, plus some specific information about maps and compasses. This is  to ensurs everyone has the background knowledge necessary to fully participate in and understand the practical exercises throughout the rest of the course.

10:00 - Go walking

Depending on  conditions and previous experience of the group your instructor will decide on an appropriate location. We are lucky to have a number of routes that start from the village centre but on some occasions we may decide to drive to a different area. If this is the case it will typically mean no more than 15 minutes drive time.

10:30 - Start Navigating

You’ll begin by refreshing skills covered previously on the beginners course, moving quickly away from paths and into more open countryside. Your instructor will use the surrounding terrain to provide opportunities to learn and practise new skills. Expect to learn several techniques for effectively using your compass as well as spending a significant amount of time on improving your ability to navigate directly from contour features.

12:30-15:30 Lunch & afternoon session

Now is the time to get to eat that lovely packed lunch. The afternoon will continue to refine your use of the compass, introducing methods for relocation and improving accuracy. Towards the end of theafternoon you will probably be set the task of relocating yourself after the instructor has taken you away from a known point. This gives the opportunity to practise all the skills you have learnt so far, with your instructor there to provide support and advice.

15:30 Head back

Head back to the village.  As you return you will have the opportunity for one last practise of anything you feel  less confident about, or you can just enjoy the countryside and the company!

16:30 Finish Day 1

Back to base, for a cuppa, chat, review, relax. and discuss what will happen tomorrow.

09:00 - 09:30 Day 2

Meeting in Inglesport Cafe in the centre of Ingleton (unless otherwise informed), stock up on supplies, brews and start planning today’s walk! You will do this with the help of your instructor  using all the skills you learned on day one to plan a walk for the whole day. As this course is working towards the Silver NNAS syllabus the walk will be on a mix of paths, tracks and more remote open countryside.

10:00 Go walking

You will almost certainly be visiting a new area today so you can expect a short drive, typically around 15 minutes, to your starting point.

10:30 Start Navigating

Each of you will be given the opportunity to lead several sections of the walk that you’ve planned. Your instructor will be quietly noting down the skills you are demonstrating and ensuring you have understood the syllabus.  Although most candidates initially express concern about being assessed the vast majority find the experience of being responsible for the group greatly improves their confidence in their own ability to navigate. This is not a daunting experience, it is fun.

12:30 Lunch & Afternoon session

Time to eat that packed lunch, it’s likely your instructor will have have seen you demonstrate all of the necessary skills, so the afternoon is spent  giving you more practise of your new found skills on the hill as well as the opportunity to introduce further refinements such as following bearings in poor visibility, back bearings and navigating around obstacles.

15:30 Head back

You lead your instructor to the end of your journey on these two days.

16:00 - 16:30: Finish

Back to base, for a final cuppa, chat, relax, while your instructor recaps what has been achieved, give a few further pointers, answering any questions and suggest areas you might like to visit in the future.

We can offer reduced rates to group bookings, based on the examples below.

1 person – £75 per day – £150 Total – £75 per person/per day – £150 for the 2 day Course cost per person
3 people – £160 per day – £320 Total – £ 54 per person/per day – £108 for the 2 day Course cost per person
6 people – £180 per day – £360 Total – £30 per person/per day – £60 for the 2 day Course cost per person

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